50/50 Curtains

WELCOME TO THE VINTAGE SWISH 50/50 Curtain Shop / Curtain Exchange second hand curtains.

We sell your quality second hand/used or second hand made to measure curtains for you.

Please visit my ebay shop for my current stock.

You have arrived at the right place if you are thinking 'I need someone to sell my used curtains for me' and need to sell curtains for cash.

Are you looking to sell your quality second hand curtains and/or wish to buy a reasonably priced new or used pair of made to measure curtains?  If you need someone to sell your curtains for you and get the best price for them, we can do this for you. We will sell your curtains online on an 50/50 agency basis.

Why use our service?

  • We will take away the hassle of selling your used curtains from you.
  • We will obtain the very best selling price by reaching as many potential customers uk wide, using different selling platforms, such as ebay and gumtree .
  • We will promote our business using social media such as facebook and twitter.
  • We will take the best photos and ensure accurate selling descriptions
  • We will answer all questions received from potential clients
  • We will pay you promptly following a sale of your curtains (either by bank transfer or paypal)
  • We will package your curtains adequately and beautifully in a way acceptable to purchasers
  • Maybe you are moving house and your curtains do not fit your new home, but are too good or cost too much to leave behind. Do you really them to come with you to your new home? use valuable space to store them? maybe only to find they have been damaged from being stored too long!

By using our service, you will not have to:

  • Find the time to take photos and write seller descriptions
  • Answer the numerous questions from potential clients
  • Wait around for strangers to visit your home, who may not then proceed to purchase.
  • Find packaging to send your curtains is a way acceptable to purchasers (clients do not want expensive curtains to arrive wrapped in a bin bag)
  • Risk selling your curtains for less than they are currently worth
  • Master the art of social media, the minefield of ebay or risks of gumtree

We will pay you 50% of the sale price we achieve, we will keep 50% less any selling costs, therefore its in our interest, as well as yours, to obtain the best possible sale price. If we sell your second hand curtains on ebay or gumtree, we will pay all the fees - you will receive 50% of the sale price of the curtains (not including postage costs).

Recycling curtains is a great way to be able to change your decor more frequently or free up storage in your home. Furthermore, we offer lower cost made to order curtains in all sizes including extra large, extra long, extra wide sizes.

How does the agency work?

We are more than happy to consider selling any second hand curtains, but please bear in mind the following:

You will need to pay the courier costs to send them to us, therefore we recommend that you contact us first with details of the curtains, so we can advise you if it’s worth your while. We can provide appropriate packaging free of charge and arrange for the courier to collect from you (the cost of the courier will be deducted from the 50% sale value paid to yourself).

Curtains should be fairly clean and in a good state of repair, some sun fading is accepted.

Curtains less than 50 inch drop are not very saleable

Large and interlined curtains are always highly sought after

We cannot give an idea of the sale price, however if you send us details (such as size and a photo) we can advise if we do not think they are saleable. We will always try to sell curtains we receive, however the sale value could be disappointing especially considering the courier costs you have paid to send them to us. So its best to contact us first.

We reserve the right to sell your curtains using the selling format and platform of our choice, to try to achieve the best possible price. We may not accept curtains if you have a minimum sale price, however we will obtain the best possible price that we can for you.

Once sold we work on a 50:50 basis. Your share of the money will be paid within 14 days of the curtains being sold. As a business we offer a 14 day return policy, the above allows for this time should a purchaser decide to return the item.

What next?

  • Please contact us with details of the curtains you would like to sell, we would love to know:
  • The width and length of each curtain
  • The heading style (such as standard pencil pleat, pinch pleat etc)
  • The provenance of the curtains, for example Designers Guild, Osborne & Little, Colefax & Fowler, Jane Churchill, Monkwell, Laura Ashley, John Lewis etc
  • What the curtains are made of (if known) such as silk, linen, velvet etc.
  • How much you originally paid for them (if known)
  • How old the curtains are (if known)

We sell your second hand curtains online, please visit my ebay shop if you are looking to purchase used made to measure curtains.  We have second hand curtains from Surrey, Farnham, London and many more. We sell hotel curtains, ex showroom curtains, ex executive office curtains and luxury home curtains.

Please sell my curtains for me - contact

Tel: Karen 07412 551287 (please leave a message and I will call you back if I do not answer)

Email: karen@vintageswish.co.uk

Used Curtain info

The address to send your curtains to is:

Unit 319 Vintage Swish


203 - 205 Charminster Road




Please ensure you put your name and contact details inside the package with your curtains. Should your curtain require repair or cleaning that we feel is necessary before we can sell them, we will contact you, as these costs will be deducted from your 50% of the sale price.

Please ensure they are adequately packaged, tracked and insured. Please note there some good low cost courier companies such as My Hermes or parcel2go. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by your chosen courier company. You are responsible for the costs of post and packaging to send the curtains to us.

I am sorry we do not currently sell used roman blinds.

We can supply new or used curtains and all are fabulous quality, some are from other curtain shops or are ex-display, it is definitely worth considering us if you are moving, have property to let, or are in rented accommodation and do not want to pay for expensive new curtains.

We look forward to hearing from you.